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Random from Handcraft

Wonderfull artisan crafts from all DA! Enjoy^^


IŽll list up pending comissions, presents & stuff I promised to do and Contest-entrys I got to finish.
This will NOT include stuff I do for my own, or that isnŽt requested by the community-members!

-Roy and Marth from Fire Emblem for :iconsakuranina:

-AC Malefatto-mask for :iconmoonshadow-phantom: WIP

- DeadSpace Marker Sculpture for :iconattack1942: WIP

-Borderlands2 Infinity for :iconitalicans:

- GundamWing Duo Maxwell FA for :icontalliya:

- Phoenix OOAK doll for :iconaryiea: WIP

-Stargate-Artrade for :icontalpimado:

- Attack on Titans + OC for :iconlassic:

- Piccu for :iconfairyslivehere:

- Birthdaypresent for :iconsvenimal: : Scar(TLK) and Stargate

-Commission: Fallout Bramin-herd for :iconmusical-mettaur:

-Moonkin-sculptures for :iconbronymike:

I hope I didnŽt forgot something^^

:bulletgreen: I`M SLOW!
:bulletyellow: I HAVE A REALLIFE!

So NOTE ME if I forget something or you think I forgot something! :heart:

Future and currently running projects

:la: My private To-do-list :la:

Crafts and projects I plan to do or already working on.

Projects under construction are signed by "WIP"

Most of the finished items will be FOR SALE, so note me if you want to reserve something in advance!:happybounce:

:bulletgreen: Posable dolls

-Stargate:Atlantis : Wraith OC Simon Figure - WIP

Stargate:Atlantis : Iratusbug posable Figure - WIP

-Okami: Amaterasu OOAK Posable doll - WIP

-Harry Potter: Hedwig the Snowy Owl OOAK doll - WIP

-FinalFantasy-VII: RedXIII / Nanaki OOAK Posable doll - WIP

-Phoenix OOAK posable doll (HUGE)

-HowlŽs Moving Castle: Howls demonform OOAK doll

-Princess Mononoke: Yakul OOAK Posable doll

-Spirited away: Haku OOAK Posable doll

-HALO: Sangheili Fieldmaster in armor OOAK doll - WIP

:bulletgreen: Props / Masks / Weapons

-StarWars: Lightsaber (red) -WIP

-Stargate Atlantis: Wraith Drone Mask - WIP

-StarTrek: BatŽleth - WIP

-DUNE: Chrys-Knife / Chrysdagger - WIP

:squee: Always OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS! :squee:
Its not all yet, IŽll fill in all missing projects I forgot right now in time. x3

made for me *-* Thank you so much!!!

:squee: Thank you all so much for this gifts! :squee:

My dear Sid by :iconmoonshadow-phantom:
Chibi-Sid by Moonshadow-Phantom

and my dearest Kharlai also by:iconmoonshadow-phantom:
On different planets by Moonshadow-Phantom

My OC Kharlai by :iconscringeheart505:
Art Trade-Kharlai by Scringeheart505

My OC Kharlai made by :iconm-hourglass:
Gift for Ganjamira by M-hourglass

My sweet bladeback Kharlai as a cat by :iconbellcats:
Bell Cat Kharlai- Custom bell cat by BellCats

A Wraith for me *-* by :iconpoisoned-epiphany:
Wraith1 by Poisoned-Epiphany

A meeting of the 4th kind by :iconmoonshadow-phantom:
On a mission by Moonshadow-Phantom

Zer0 from Borderlands 2 - commisioned by me and created by the great :iconfuzzyaliens:
Zero Commission 3 by FuzzyAliens

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                                  :heart: To spread creativity! :heart:

I´m very happy to announce the fourth "Get Supplied!":squee:
And to celebrate this there are now 4 Sets up for grasps!

Again I tried my best to set up some material-sets, two of them are again up for grasps because so many of you guys seemed interested^^              

I really hope you´ll find something usefull or something you want to try!:heart:

What is this about?

This giveaway is supposed to spread creativity and to give you the chance to start with a new kind of crafting by winning a free set of materials:la:

How often will this giveaway happen?

I will try to make it every month, depending on how much money I have to spend the shipping costs and if I got a usefull set of supplies together - I don´t want to give away random destash but helpfull DIY- and crafting-kits! 

How does it work?

Very simple:squee::

:bulletgreen:1. Set up a tiny journal linking to this one to advertise this giveaway! Maybe one of your watchers and friends would like to participate too!:heart: Link to the journal in your comment, what leads to number...

:bulletgreen:2. Look on the set/sets and choose the one you want, write a comment below mentioning the set you would like to get. Then its waitingtime - after approx. six weeks, on 30 April I´ll choose the winners for the material-set/sets completely random.

If you´re the lucky winner, I´ll send you a note asking for your adress, so I can ship the set to you. And thats it! After a week or two you can try out a new crafting method!:la:

 :dummy: Here our three DIY-sets for February! :dummy:

           :bulletgreen:1x Basic Set for Polymerclay
           Untitled by Ganjamira
              So many wanted it last time, so I setted it up again:la:  
   Super giant starter set! 10 colors polymerclay a 25gr. as set with sculpting tools.
            :bulletgreen:10 x sheets of felt, A4
      Untitled by Ganjamira
Ten sheets of crafting felt fabric, approx. A4. Great for mini plushies, small purses and bags and many many other crafting occasions.

   :bulletgreen: 1x Set of jewelry findings and beads
    Untitled by Ganjamira
A lot of wonderfull brass charms and pendants, bohemian glass beads, glass cabochons, a flower resin cabochon, chain, jumprings, earring findings, cabochon findings, beadcaps and a lot of mixed small glass beads.

                                            And again:

          :bulletgreen:1x Basic Set to make your own posable doll!:squee:
       Untitled by Ganjamira
   :la:(Almost) everything you need to craft your first own posable doll! :la:
Includes wire, glasscabochons for eyes,two craft-sized pieces faux-fur , one piece short and one shaggy (white), stiffed felt(white), 1/4 block SuperSculpey, wadding, needle and white yarn. Additionally if you don´t have paints, there are some acrylic paints left I can offer you! (If you don´t need them just say so)

:la:Soooo, pic the set you want to craft with most and comment below!:la:

If you would like to help me run this, just note me! I appreciate any help and imitators are very welcome!:heart: Spread the love!:heart:

Please: Just enter for material-sets you need or can´t effort yourself right now!
This giveaway should be a chance for deviants in need.

:bulletgreen:What I consider as "in need":

-You can´t effort spending money in materials since you need it for bills/food/survive.               

-You don´t know were to get such supplies, maybe because you can´t buy online or theres no store in your area.

Visit :iconsantadoesexist: and spread :love:

Fabulous Groups searching for members! 

4 deviants said :iconsantadoesexist: granting wishes all over the world!:la:
3 deviants said :iconwe-are-creative: For creative mind of all kinds
1 deviant said :iconanimeartists-unite: For all manga- and animeartists:heart:
1 deviant said :iconimreal-areyou: are you? Show your face here!
No deviants said :iconallianceofartists: go increase their number!:la:
No deviants said :iconinspirationartportal: :la:
No deviants said :iconall-adoptsaccepted: For adpts of all kind:meow:
No deviants said Comment if I should feature your group in this poll!:heart:


Ganjamira's Profile Picture
Marika Schirmacher
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
:squee: Visit my shops! :squee:

AC-journals and handpainted feather-quills!

:la: My mainstore - Over 300 products made by me!



I drew since I could remember. In the age of 12 I saw "Spirited Away" and began to draw in manga-style. Now I try to get a more realistic style, merge realism and manga-style.

I draw with ballpoint-pen and Copics, IŽve problems with PC-coloration^^

In the moment I work on two projects, an Fanproject related to Stargate and a gameproject, but my most works are Fanarts or as I want to call it "Tributes" to Films, Series, Games and Books I love.

I draw many Fanarts to a lot of different fandoms, from Ghibli to Fallout, from Stargate to AssassinsCreed!
Look in my gallery first, not that you expect only Ghibli-fanart and I dissapoint you with a SciFi-craft x3

Since I joined DA I crafted a lot more stuff - IŽm so inspired to try new things! *-* :worker:

Thank to every member of :devart: , you inspire me every day!

Support-Stamp-SDE (Santa Does Exist) by FTSArts

IŽll give if I got lucky to have some, please begg someone else, I canŽt take it anymore...

Journal History


Fanart Commission A5
Ronso Warrior Kimahri - Commission for ~KuroroCure by Ganjamira
Haku - A river of silver in the sky by Ganjamira
The last Unicorn by Ganjamira
Soul of the Eagle by Ganjamira
Pocket Monster by Ganjamira
A Fanart of your choice, drawn in my style with balljointpen and coloured with COPICmarkers, approx A5 or smaller.

NOTICE! - NO MLP! Really, I donŽt like it.
              -NO YAOI! I donŽt like that to, donŽt feel offended please.
The Original will be send to you! (Shipping included in the price!)

In a picture like one of the examples take about 15-20 hours of work.
Painted Featherquill - Special Offer!
Polar Phoenix - Painted featherquill by Ganjamira
Assassins Soul - painted feather quill by Ganjamira
Viridian Soul - Painted featherquill I by Ganjamira
WoW Horde - painted featherquill by Ganjamira
Creed of Freedom - painted feather quill by Ganjamira
Your personnal motive handpainted on a big wingfeather from turkey.

Choose your motive, choose your materials!

materials for the hold: -wildleather
                                    -satinband in various colors
                                    -bronce-ornamental wraps
                                    -artificial leather
                                    -many more
Wraith OC/Original Portrait
Jace - Good old times by Ganjamira
The humans are MINE!!! - Wraithcalendar 2014 by Ganjamira
Rubik vs. Wraith by Ganjamira
Simon by Ganjamira
Your Wraith-OC or favourite Wraith in my style, halfbody/portrait, full coloured. Postcard-format / A5

The original drawing will be send to you!!!
(Shipping is 3,60Euro, included in the comission-price!)

I draw traditional, with pencil, balljoint-pen and Copic-markers, pictures like the examples are drawn in about 8-10 hours of work.
Your OC - Chibi
Necromancer Mindra - Chibi by Ganjamira
Sid Chibi by Ganjamira
Kharlai the Bladeback - Chibi by Ganjamira
Your OC or favourite Anime-/Game- or Animecharacter in my Chibi-style, drawn with balljoint pen, coloured with COPICmarkers.
A5/A6 or smaller.

A picture like the examples takes about 3 hours of work!


(Shipping included in the price!)



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FTSArts 13 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Your on the front page!! :iconcheerplz: 
Ganjamira 12 hours ago  Professional Traditional Artist
:squee: I know!!!! And OMG its such a flood of inbox messages- IŽm drowning in deviant looooooveeeee!!!!:nuu:
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I had a thought, family crests can get really intricate and badass looking, have you thought about trying to mold one? I know it would look amazing :la: 
Ganjamira 12 hours ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Uhhhhh thats a gorgeous idea!:iconletmehugyouplz: Thought about sculpting the Hogwarts house crests once, but already so many people did that -.-
Or did you thought about a crest without logo, so people could draw an own on it? o.O
FTSArts 9 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I think you should do all the detail, pick a historical German family, the Germans always have some of the best crests, that or look at the Irish ones..
ECatsie 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the points 5 seconds hug  I really appreciate it~
Ganjamira 3 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
:iconbrohugplz:YouŽre very welcome - IŽhope youŽll get your PM soon x3
Sharquelle Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:iconominouswatchplz: Thank you so very much for the watch! It means a lot! Redbull glomp 
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