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Random from Artisan Crafts - Creme de la Creme

Wonderfull artisan crafts from all DA! Enjoy^^


I´ll list up pending comissions, presents & stuff I promised to do and Contest-entrys I got to finish.
This will NOT include stuff I do for my own, or that isn´t requested by the community-members!

-Roy and Marth from Fire Emblem for :iconsakuranina:

- DeadSpace Marker Sculpture for :iconattack1942: WIP

-Borderlands2 Infinity for :iconitalicans:

- GundamWing Duo Maxwell FA for :icontalliya:

-Stargate-Artrade for :icontalpimado:

- Attack on Titans + OC for :iconlassic:

- Piccu for :iconfairyslivehere:

- Birthdaypresent for :iconsvenimal: : Scar(TLK) and Stargate

-Commission: Fallout Bramin-herd for :iconmusical-mettaur:

-Moonkin-sculptures for :iconbronymike:

I hope I didn´t forgot something^^

:bulletgreen: I`M SLOW!
:bulletyellow: I HAVE A REALLIFE!

So NOTE ME if I forget something or you think I forgot something! :heart:

Future and currently running projects

:la: My private To-do-list :la:

Crafts and projects I plan to do or already working on.

Projects under construction are signed by "WIP"

Most of the finished items will be FOR SALE, so note me if you want to reserve something in advance!:happybounce:

:bulletgreen: Posable dolls

-Stargate:Atlantis : Wraith OC Simon Figure - WIP

Stargate:Atlantis : Iratusbug posable Figure - WIP

-Okami: Amaterasu OOAK Posable doll - WIP

-Harry Potter: Hedwig the Snowy Owl OOAK doll - WIP

-FinalFantasy-VII: RedXIII / Nanaki OOAK Posable doll - WIP

-Phoenix OOAK posable doll (HUGE)

-Howlīs Moving Castle: Howls demonform OOAK doll

-Princess Mononoke: Yakul OOAK Posable doll

-Spirited away: Haku OOAK Posable doll

-HALO: Sangheili Fieldmaster in armor OOAK doll - WIP

:bulletgreen: Props / Masks / Weapons

-StarWars: Lightsaber (red) -WIP

-Stargate Atlantis: Wraith Drone Mask - WIP

-StarTrek: Batīleth - WIP

-DUNE: Chrys-Knife / Chrysdagger - WIP

:squee: Always OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS! :squee:
Its not all yet, Iīll fill in all missing projects I forgot right now in time. x3

made for me *-* Thank you so much!!!

:squee: Thank you all so much for this great artworks! :squee:

Kharlai the Bladeback by :iconkittehmei:
Butterfly Kisses at Dawn [C] by KittehMei
He´s soooooo gorgeous - thank you so much!:love:

My dear Sid by :iconmoonshadow-phantom:
Chibi-Sid by Moonshadow-Phantom

and my dearest Kharlai also by:iconmoonshadow-phantom:
On different planets by Moonshadow-Phantom

My OC Kharlai by :iconscringeheart505:

Mature Content

Art Trade-Kharlai by Scringeheart505

My OC Kharlai in a badass-version by :iconshrye:
Kharlai by shrye

My OC Kharlai made by :iconm-hourglass:
Gift for Ganjamira by M-hourglass

My sweet bladeback Kharlai as a cat by :iconbellcats:
Bell Cat Kharlai- Custom bell cat by BellCats

A Wraith for me *-* by :iconmiasmahex-vicious:
Wraith1 by Miasmahex-Vicious

A meeting of the 4th kind by :iconmoonshadow-phantom:
On a mission by Moonshadow-Phantom

Zer0 from Borderlands 2 - commisioned by me and created by the great :iconfuzzyaliens:
Zero Commission 3 by FuzzyAliens

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Got tagged by :iconfirefairy319: - usually I don´t do tags, but I needed a bit off-brain time=D

Soooo, here the rules:
-Each person who got tagged MUST share at least 13 random things about themselves
-Answer my questions in your own journal entry, not in the comments of this one. 
-Tag 13 people
-Ask 13 questions
-Tagbacks are allowed! 
-You must complete this journal within a week
-Cussing is allowed
-Be creative with the title

Mhh, 13 things about me:

1. I´ve a heart for longhaired man, preferrably whitehaired and gingers:giggle:

2. I know more alien species and fictional races than real existing ethnical groups.

3. I´m natural blonde, but dye my hair black for 10 years now.

4. My reallife friends call me "Oracle" for what-ever-reason. Am I oracle-ish? o.O

5. If I could choose my skincolor I´d be dark grey. Or afro - I always liked to be black.

6. I´, not even 25 and already old and grumpy. :iconcryforeverplz:

7. StarWars died in my universe. Theres no such thing as a new Episode.

8. If I were´nt an artist I´d be a soldier.

9. I never studied art nor took a artclass. EVER.

10. The 1st movie I ever in my life was "Star Wars - Episode 4"

11. I bite my fingernails...

12. I love to dance. Especially on EBM/electro festivals, barefooted in the sand:love:

13: I love the smell of Gasoline and rain.

Questions from FireFairy319

1. What super power would you like to have and why?
:bulletgreen: Phasewalking-Sirenpowers! Borderlands: Sirens Stamp by immature-giraffe

2. If you knew you were to die tomorrow, what would you do?
:bulletgreen:Mhhh.... Setting up a most weird and crazy testament so all have to figure out how to fullfill my last will=D

3. Troll or ogre?
:bulletgreen: Uruk-Hai=D

4. You saw someone accidentally leave their phone on a bus seat, it's a new phone you've always wanted to get but could never afford. What do you do?
:bulletgreen:Ran after him and give him his phone back - I´m still using a ancient Nokia....

5. If you had to choose which inanimate object to be, what would you be and why?
:bulletgreen:A brush. At best a hairbrush belonging to a longhaired cute guy:giggle: Or a painting brush:aww: So either I could be close to long hair or helping to create art or making things colorfull^^

6. What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
:bulletgreen:Ouhhh.... My dear boyfriend always do most cute things for me, but the nicest dA-thing ever happened to me was that :iconkarolinaskauniverse: and :iconftsarts: arranged to fulfill one of my bigggest wishes - a huge Leonopteryx/Toruk figure from AVATAR!:squee: Just look at it!:la:
AVATAR Leonopteryx Actionfigur by Ganjamira

7. What is your top pet peeve?
:bulletgreen:Homophobic or rascist people. And hardcore-manhating-feminists. I hate people who hate:stare:

8. What inspires you most as an artist?
:bulletgreen:Music. At the moment
- Hisaishi
- Two Steps from Hell
- Pendulum
- Knife Party
- Kenji Kawaii

9. What mythical creature would you like to be and why?
:bulletgreen:A sphinx. So I´ve wings, claws and yet human torso, head and hands. Or a mermaid. Or Batman. Wait, only Batman!:lmao:

10. How would you describe the world using only three words?
:bulletgreen:So much wonder!
also: Quantum Meatgrinder Extravaganza

11. What's your favourite word, phrase or saying?

:bulletgreen:-"Fuck me hard on a sandy beach!!!"

:bulletgreen:-"Drenn!" A fictional curseword from FarScape, means as much as sh*t, f*ck, ect...=D

12. What element are you?
:bulletgreen:Fire. Definately fire :evillaugh:

13. What was the worst nightmare/dream you ever had?
:bulletgreen:Oh, just recently I dreamed a maniac murder kills my best friend and wearing his face as mask, ala Mike Meyers. As far I remember I stabbed the bastard with a huge kitchen knife in a rage of revenge... It was the most realistic and gory dream I ever had, I kinda was afraid of my own imagination...

My questions!:dummy:

1. Cat, Bat or Rat?

2. Which geometric form you find looking tasty?

3. What artistic skill you´d love to master oneday?

4. If you could be a alien of any species - which would you be and why?

5. XBox or Playstation?

6. What drove you to become an artist? Was there a certain event or turningpoint?

7. Have you ever had a hallucigenic experience or a paranormal experience?

8. Sun or Moon?

9. Which book or movie had the biggest impact on you in your life? (Bible/Koran/Torah ect. does not count)

10. Have you ever saved a life?

11. Which place on earth would you love to visit most?

12. DaVinci or Dali?

13. Can you dig it?

I tag:
  • Listening to: Knife Party
  • Reading: eMails
  • Watching: Community - Season 5
  • Playing: Handsome Collection
  • Eating: Wunderbar
  • Drinking: Coffee

Fabulous Groups searching for members! 

10 deviants said :iconrainbow-only-rainbow: RAINBOWS!!!!!
7 deviants said :iconsantadoesexist: granting wishes all over the world!:la:
6 deviants said :iconanimeartists-unite: For all manga- and animeartists:heart:
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Ganjamira's Profile Picture
Marika Schirmacher
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
:love:Angel without Wings Award by NamedaSupport-Stamp-SDE (Santa Does Exist) by FTSArts :love:
Proud Angel without Wings and Supporter of Santa:santa:

Welcome on my profile page! I hope you´ll enjoy your stay^^


Just send me a note or visit my Etsy shop! ->…

I´m a freelancing traditional artist in focus of illustrations and artisan crafts. I always enjoy to try new things and challenge my skills^^
If you have any questions about my crafts or illustrations feel free to note me or to leave a comment:meow:


I draw many Fanarts to a lot of different fandoms, from Ghibli to Fallout, from Stargate to AssassinsCreed!
Look in my gallery first, not that you expect only Ghibli-fanart and I dissapoint you with a SciFi-craft x3

Since I joined DA I crafted a lot more stuff - I´m so inspired to try new things!:love:

Thanks to every member of :devart: , you inspire me every day!

And: Some stamps!
Sci-Fi Fandom Stamp by imacrazytrekkie Old-School Trekkie Stamp by Aidanq The Quenchiest Stamp by CubieJ
Borderlands 1 Mordecai Splash Stamp by SpectreSinistre Zero stamp by Superpluplush Borderlands: Sirens Stamp by immature-giraffe
Data Drunk ST:TNG Stamp by StephanieLanning

Sorry but -

If you have any question: Just ask!:dummy:
I´m always open to help out and give advise if wanted - I won´t bite ya!=D


Fanart Commission A5
Ronso Warrior Kimahri - Commission for ~KuroroCure by Ganjamira
Haku - A river of silver in the sky by Ganjamira
The last Unicorn by Ganjamira
Soul of the Eagle by Ganjamira
Pocket Monster by Ganjamira
A Fanart of your choice, drawn in my style with balljointpen and coloured with COPICmarkers, approx A5 or smaller.

NOTICE! - NO MLP! Really, I donīt like it.
              -NO YAOI! I donīt like that to, donīt feel offended please.
The Original will be send to you! (Shipping included in the price!)

In a picture like one of the examples take about 15-20 hours of work.
Wraith OC/Original Portrait
Jace - Good old times by Ganjamira
The humans are MINE!!! - Wraithcalendar 2014 by Ganjamira
Rubik vs. Wraith by Ganjamira
Simon by Ganjamira
Your Wraith-OC or favourite Wraith in my style, halfbody/portrait, full coloured. Postcard-format / A5

The original drawing will be send to you!!!
(Shipping is 3,60Euro, included in the comission-price!)

I draw traditional, with pencil, balljoint-pen and Copic-markers, pictures like the examples are drawn in about 8-10 hours of work.

Journal History


My Shop

:heart: Visit my Etsy Shop! :heart:…

Over 100 items handcrafted by me - from pendants to dolls:love:

If you want to commission me please contact me via Etsy
or note me here on dA!


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